Minn Kota Console – Predator XL

BLA Code: 523910


Complete hands-free navigation and trolling with 45 lbs of variable thrust. With forward and reverse, Predator’s saltwater grade power console delivers and keeps you on the fish all day.

Our design team never stops thinking up new ideas, the innovation of the XL-Console system means that the all new Predator is not just a premier fishing kayak, it’s an ever-adaptable platform ready for you to customize to your exact needs.

You can be confident that your Predator XL will be ready to take on new adventures and quickly change functionality with our Console’s.
Adapt in a snap – Start with any configuration and easily adapt by snapping in a new Console faster than you can say Predator XL.

N.B. Minn Kota Console (523910) supplied standard with Predator XL version 523900.

SRP: $2,821


  • Complete hands-free navigation and trolling
  • Steerable forward and reverse
  • Saltwater grade with anodized/zinc-coated metals
  • A full 45lbs of thrust with variable speed control
  • Stealth quiet
  • Digital maximizer for full day motoring
  • Quick-Stand to avoid water hazards and debris
  • Dual kill-switches for safety
  • LED charge indicator
  • USB charge ports
  • Sonar mounting plate, battery/cable storage
  • Storage compartment