The most advanced pedal-powered fishing propulsion of its kind. It gets you to the spot fast, and keeps you on the spot without paddling. With forward, reverse and agile maneuverability, you’ll experience precise boat control while your hands remain free to focus on fishing. The removable pedal drive installs in seconds and tips up instantly for shallow water docking. This revolutionary, award-winning pedal drive hits an impressive 5.5 MPH with a 10.3:1 gear ratio for efficient pedaling. It mounts into the Topwater PDL in seconds and in shallow water it can tip up to its docking position in an instant.

  • 10.3:1 gear ratio for efficient pedaling
  • Padded pedals for barefoot comfort and a sure grip
  • Handy carry handle makes toting the PDL drive a breeze
  • PDL console doubles as a dry storage with a 6-inch access hatch
  • Intuitive power assist pivot and docking mechanism for easy deployment
  • Weedless power prop delivers maximum torque in forward and reverse
  • Overbuilt for toughness, yet weights just 21 pounds

Loon Series Technology

Most Advanced
Recreational Kayak

Meet the world’s most advanced recreational kayak, featuring a redesigned hull for better glide and tracking. It touts a cockpit with an adjustable plush seat, under-leg support and more. Plus, it has a customizable space for cameras and gear, along with dry storage with a USB port.